To see, to understand

To see, « to understand » and information channeling process

Mediums are born with this particular skill. Education, general and individual culture, the instruction received over the years and maturity provide the medium practitioner with the ability to express himself or herself and to describe in an extremely accurate way what it is “seen”. Usually, errors come from the following: « I don´t know how to explain what I see », either « I interpret signs and symbolisms without taking a step back» or finally, « I am applying tools that I really don´t know how to use ».All these variables make each mediumship practitioner be absolutely unique as far as his (her) perception, working method and information retrieval are concerned..

This particular faculty is directly related to certain areas of the brain. Some believe that everybody possesses these skills. For my part, without having an elitist perspective – I make a clear distinction among an intuitive individual (someone that uses the capabilities that are present in each one of us), a clairvoyant and a medium. Intuition concerns us all, clairvoyance is a very specific faculty, and as far as mediumship is concerned, this ability consists of the possibility to get in contact with diverse and various entities that operate in other planes of existence going beyond the human awareness.

Let us talk then, about the famous quantum field, studied and highlighted by A. Enstein himself; Where would the practitioner “connect” himself/herself to, so precisely?
These particular skills would originate and proceed from a common base in the case of a medium, but not necessarily in the case of a clairvoyant. However, they both make use of similar channels, same receptors and similar retransmission channels.