We listen a lot about intuition. There are a series of false statements and inaccurate popular beliefs, that are absolutely wrong. Is intuition a key factor to predict the future? Would it even be possible that intuition might be what we call the seventh sense of our senses?

Actually, there is nothing true in these statements!

Let’s start by the five current senses we all have (normally) since our birth: vision, touch, smell, taste and hearing. All these basic senses operate with the usual channels of encephalic communication.

Intuition is something different. It is not a mental faculty and it is far away to be a capacity. Is it possible to learn it and to develop it? No, absolutely NO!

This is what we generally call synesthesia or the art of the presentiment.

It is our small inner voice that is not mistaken and does not appeal to any brain faculty. Nonetheless, what is then the definition of intuition?

The term “intuition” itself comes from the scholastic Latin “Intuitio” :

In : it means what defines the provenance here, to the interior ; “Tui,” means that sprouts ; and “Tio”, means outwards. It is a phenomenon that comes from the interior, from inside which is acted out, that´s it! We all possess an intuitive potential inside ourselves.  

In 1908, the French Academy definitively integrated the term in its inventory thanks to J.H. Poincaré, who stated the following, among other comments: « With logic we demonstrate, with intuition we invent ».

Dreams and intuition are, according to Carl Gustav Jung, the two messengers from our unconsciousness. Intuition is our inner messenger!

For neuroscientists intuition does not exist, and for psychologists it would be a form of cognitive intelligence. Actually, intuition is nothing like this, as the neuroscientist Professor Boissier points out. Intuition consists of a knowledge that emerges in a direct and immediate way and it DOESN´T depend neither on the will nor on a logical reasoning. It is an EXTENDED unconscious work, and this is precisely the definition that was provided by the French Academy in 1908.

In other words, if there is no serious and constant work, there will be no manifestation of intuition!