Mediumship and channels

Mediumship and channels

Mediumship is a temporal status that is expressed under certain conditions and in different states: conscious or half-conscious.

The person that is experiencing it seems to be absent and falls into a kind of lethargic state that is called altered state of consciousness.  The medium is then transformed into a reception channel. In a schematic way this description corresponds to a Great Parabolic Antenna! Next, portals over different vibratory planes open before him. It is there where contact with consciousnesses o memories that are not incarnated in the matter as we know is established.  

Some people talk about the deceased, some others about guides, messengers or even about the three of them together. The medium is a link between here and the afterlife, he is an emitting source and live receptor. He is the privileged witness and the speaking evidence that the human being is more than a live biological body in 3D!

The medium never knows quite well with what he is dealing with or what he is perceiving, and that´s where problems begin. In certain places or inadequate moments, the reading might turn into a nightmare.  This altered state of consciousness must not be taken lightly and it requires a special and permanent effort,  which is at the same time physical, psychic and mental to avoid destabilization or being invaded by parasites.  

The medium is able to provide very accurate information to the person that needs his assistance. He is an “information transfer agent”. He, then, transmits messages. He is an intermediary between our dimension and the invisible.

Usually, the medium doesn´t take any action at a personal level concerning the retransmission of the messages submitted: he reports them with no personal interpretation. He captures and describes the information; he also communicates what he is seeing on the spot.

Messages arrive very clearly or sometimes they are cut in cascades. They might come along with visions or might not. Sometimes the medium might not see anything, but he might listen very clearly and this is called clairaudience. Everything happens in the same place be as that it may, and it is a zone in the brain – as we will see later – that is directly implied in this particular phenomenon.