The neural epiphysis or pineal gland

The neural epiphysis or pineal gland

It is located at the center of the brain, with a pine cone shape, 8 mm, made of apatite crystals: The doctor and psychiatrist Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, at Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Master of Science, showed its functions and composition. He is especially known because of his work on the human DNA field theory. Taking into account his education on the heart genetics, the professor deduces that genes would not know how to work if the mind does not induce their functioning: the embryogenesis.

The epiphysis is a small endocrine gland responsible for, among other things, the circadian rhythms and implementation of sexuality. The pineal gland, then, gets the waves from the electromagnetic spectrum. Subsequently, the frontal lobe starts decoding, supported by encephalic zones.

John P. Rose, from Oxford University, states that the human being is biological, psychological and spiritual.  

Sergio Felipe de Oliveira, neuropsychiatrist at the Universidad de Sao Paulo, discovered the apatite crystals (present in natural state in nature). They are made of phosphate, fluoride and chlorine. By means of X-rays diffraction, he found that apatite does not calcify, but forms organized structures. Computerized tomography as well as magnetic resonance were used. He made evident that there is a microcirculation of blood that keeps the crystals metabolically active and alive

It gives the gland a structure similar to a resonance box.

The apatite is composed of a number of electrons in its surface and it repels the magnetic field; When a field approaches, it touches the crystals and bounces on another and then it becomes captive.

The pineal gland is a marvelous receptor, and the other brain zones decode afterwards, like the frontal cortex. Without this interaction, this would be impossible. Animals and especially cetaceans that have this gland, do not have this possibility. Light reaches the pineal gland through the eye retina.
The bigger is the number of crystals, more will the individual perceive the fields. Mediums would have a higher quantity than normal. The quantity is a biological characteristic and nobody can increase or decrease it. Just as the color of one’s eyes, for example…

Intox :

Regarding positive thinking, it is not true, since only 5% goes back to consciousness, and 25% is subconscious (discovery made in a study about sleep conducted in the United States). It is the brain as an ensemble the one who works and treats information, not just one part. However, 70% of the mental activity is unconscious.