Global causes

Global causes

The Humankind in front of his destiny

At present, the planet is agonizing and asking for help. In its womb, its magnetic frequency is changing, announcing that a major disturbing event is coming for all existing species.  It is not time to believe anymore, but to confirm and to take action. Each human being must prioritize, if it is possible, of course, the protection of all most fragile and helpless species. Reforestation, even at its derisory level, for the protection of all species. Cleaning of ecosystems and the generation of sanctuaries of nature that shall remain unpolluted for the purpose of other species can finally recover their space and peace.

« If no action is undertaken in less than 10 years, mankind will be an integral part of the 6th mass extinction and it will not survive. »

The clairvoyant, whoever he/she may be and wherever he/she might be – must now – participate in the generation and development of a benevolent and bright chain of awakening able to interact with the others, thus contributing to assist as much as people as it may be and help our planet also.

Such practices must be performed in a sharing environment where everybody is able to listen; in a state of peace and light.

” Actions of this kind might very well contribute to the openness of consciousness in a long-lasting, positive and committed way, for the well-being of all living species of our planet. “