The interview with Lena Loyd!

The interview with Lena Loyd!

Troy Whisper

L.L. : Troy, why did you create this website?
T.W: I thought it was about time to make available to the maximum of people the possibility to get access to the research work I have carried out for more than 15 years now, regarding exciting topics such as clairvoyance and related phenomena. It is important to me to be able to freely communicate with the entire world, wherever you may be around the world, throughout the length and breath of the planet, whether from Seattle to Rekavik! My goal is to make this website a place to share, open to the world and with a special focus on knowledge.

L.L. : What do people look for when they come to see and listen to you?
T.W : When someone comes to me, he/she is looking for advice and to retrieve as much information as possible from me. The person who consults is there to gain time and serenity to calmly and retrospectively come or not to a decision. He/she wants to be informed by means of an external and neutral opinion. First and foremost, I am there to guide him or her. At some point in people´s lives, in suffering or in a crossroad of their lives, many have chosen to come and consult me.  
It is particularly the case of those persons who decide, for example, to follow new paths in their lives, offer their company for sale, or request information concerning the trends of the market. In such situations, one must be extremely attentive, thoughtful, be accurate and take the maximum of distance when requested information is retransmitted.
To reassure, comfort, de-dramatize and cheer people up for me are also relevant aspects of my mission. This is certainly the least fun, but it is essential for the person who consults.   

L.L. : So, how do you assist people then?
T.W : My job is as thorough and as accurate as possible, like the job of a watchmaker master for whom each watch assembled piece should be carefully treated and closely positioned.
Ultimately, I need to do a mapping of the person to be able to define several working axes according to the information I get. Hours should be devoted to each person and even further, this means a fascinating research work. We are a kind of time detectives. The pieces of information I get are extremely numerous, and against all odds, also hierarchical. The patient goes through a giant scanner; next, I assess the areas to be treated just like in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Information is decoded from his/her arrival in a very accurate way. From this point the structure of the consultation is established. This is what I call the beginning of the reading. Little by Little I zoom over the most relevant information and images become more and more accurate.  

L.L. : Troy, you frequently employ medical terms, why?
T.W : This is primarily a metaphorical style. For me it means a clear and simple way to make people understand the way I perform my job.
Surgical precision should be the main quality of every good clairvoyant, related, naturally to the appropriate deontological code. Much expectation and hope fall on our shoulders, indeed.   

L.L. : Since time immemorial science and medicine have looked for explanations for subjects such as clairvoyance and mediumship, area that is located in the border of their knowledge.  
T.W : Science and medicine are the defense walls that stand up against the huge sense of absurdity that we experience during our existence! In parallel to my practice I follow very closely studies carried out about these particular matters. I believe the study of neuroscience is essential and indispensable, among other specialties. All this scientific and medical research work, acknowledged and serious, help me fine tune my expertise and develop my research, simultaneously refining my position regarding them.  
Studies performed by the neurosurgeon Professor Alexander Eden, who wrote several books concerning this subject, provide issues for reflection related especially to consciousness survival and its delocalization after death.  

L.L. : How do your visions emerge, so to speak?
T.W : It is highly variable depending on consultations and requests that are made. When the session begins, all my senses are very alert. My perceptions are sharpened to their maximum level. At that moment I enter into an altered state of consciousness, more serene and more relaxed.  
At that very moment, it would be interesting to measure my brain activity.  
Before any consultation I perform a mental cleaning in my head and I meditate.  This first introspection work is essential: it is necessary for me to silence my own mental activity to be able to receive and to process the arriving information.
The consulting person comes and sits in front of me. At that time, I start doing my job. Almost immediately images, sensations, places, many scenes, faces, start to arrive. This is the animated part. Next, the part that I would define as symbolic comes, to be interpreted according to the particular situation and its corresponding evolution, of course.
Physical sensations are equally very important. In short, the range is so wide that the entire body acts as a giant sensor with the purpose of decoding the slightest piece of information in the best possible way.  

L.L. : May it happen that you don´t see anything at all?
T.W : Yes, of course, it might happen when I am tired or sick. During this particular moment the reception channel might close or turn to be very much parasitized. If this is the case, the reading is not done. The person goes away and a later date is agreed or not.
Conversely, it happens to me every day and without me requesting anything that I get to receive perceptions related to unknown people. This is very frequent when they are physically close to me. When I walk the streets or when I wander through public places the same thing happens! The more relaxed I am, the more situations like this happen, and crystal clear images appear in my mind. History permeates places: the soil, for example has a memory that doesn´t know temporal frontiers. This can be translated into successive memories. Let me explain it:  If there was here before a book manufacturing place, in 10 more years it has been already planned that there will be here a fitness club or a handball yard. The place is already pre-defined with anticipation. In some old times, it was perhaps a market place or a pub.But let´s go back to our interference. It might happen at any moment, that´s the way it is. The connection process is delicate, so everybody is fallible. Let´s take another relevant example: the gentleman or lady that come to see me with their own ghosts and project their own wishes onto you. It is the same situation, this is terrible! It spoils everything!
A medium, I insist, is neither a psychiatrist nor an analyst, and much less, a magician!
Even if he behaves as a therapist in an excess of courtesy much to his displeasure, he should be careful not to take the responsibility for it and not to behave like one. In my opinion, the medium should always keep and attitude of obligatory discretion and cautious approach because his job is based on confidentiality.   

 L.L.: Last question: what is your opinion about the medium profession?
T.W: The medium profession has historically been discredited by unscrupulous people.  The social and historical contexts, the lack of culture and research, the exacerbated media coverage are all factors that have largely contributed to this. As in all trades, there are excellent professionals driven by the passion expressed in their art. Let me refer to two mediums for whom I feel a deep affection and a great respect, Maud Kristen and Yaguel Didier. Two women with a very different approach and personality that have made an enormous contribution to the ethics of our profession.
I hope I can follow their example, go on with my research work and with my contribution and participation assist to the progress and advance of the medium profession.  

L.L : Thank you very much, for having responded to our questions!
T.W : It´s my pleasure. Thank you very much for the interview.