Otto Schumann comes to play

Otto Schumann comes to play

For a long time, science has been concerned with certain phenomena such as mediumship, or near-death experiences to a more or less satisfactory extent, incomprehension and discomfort. Various recognized practitioners have been confronted to these questions, located on the border of science, and they have tried to provide the public with answers and to reflect in scientific terms upon questions that might have been absolutely irrational in old days, but are no longer considered like this at present.   

Scientific approach through Otto Schumann´s research work

Otto Schumann defines a way of communication between living beings and our planet by means of the magnetic transverse waves of the earth.
The earth, the animal species, the vegetal kingdom and minerals are all interconnected and respond to the same laws.
Otto Schumann clearly sets out the close link existing among all living beings and their source:  the earth, Gaïa.

Each living being emits waves in a Hertzian frequency, no matter it is the earth, plants, animals or human beings (who, I point out, are also an animal species, even if they are members of a separate kingdom which is identified as such). Each species is interdependent from the others and one species doesn´t go without the others.  

An explanation from the scientific point of view :
In 1998, C. H. ANDERSON
discovered the very common phenomenon called POS (Persistent Oscillatory Sound), « sound » generated within ourselves especially after a dehydration or illness, when the sound gets louder ; this particular sound is similar to the buzzing sound of an insect and Anderson attributes it to the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or to a post-traumatic stress state, but above all to the normal 10 Hz ALFA rhythm. SR is 20 000 times less powerful than the Earth´s magnetic field.  

Billions of years ago, the Earth´s magnetic field was much stronger and SR, the voice of the planet, was also stronger, less diluted by EM pollution and our ancestors could listen to it. It is even likely that our nervous system was developed over the years of evolution due to the action of SR. This is what our four brain waves seem to show, because with the exception of the Delta wave (that fits into the deep sleep), all the other waves fall into the same frequency ranges. Delta wave fits into the 1 to 3 Hz. band.  Signals of frequencies lower than 3 Hz pass through the earth easier than through the atmosphere.

Another researcher, JEROSLAV

NOVAK, proved that SR and the EM ELF field exert some degree of influence over living organisms, and SR varies according to circadian rhythms and other temporal cycles. In his opinion, the biological parameter is a weak signal that should be amplified 100 000 times.

Scalar waves

Malgré tout, les changements biologiques sont bien en relation avec les variations de la RS. Autre observation intéressante de Novak, les sujets souffrant de troubles du sommeil et de fibro-myalgie ont un taux de magnétite dans le fluide de l’oreille interne, supérieure à la normale.

Nevertheless, biological changes are very much related to SR variations. Another interesting Novak´s comment is that  people who suffer from sleep disturbances and fibromyalgia have a magnetite rate higher than the normal content in the inner ear´s fluid.  As normal human hearing rate is located between 60 to 20 000 Hz frequencies, signals that are lower to 60 Hz should be sensed either by the magnetite contained in the inner ear, or directly by the brain.  

Anotherimportant issue that it is worth mentioning: each one of the 7 SR occupies a 1 Hz band, that is, each SR has a 1 Hz. bandwidth. The first SR band is produced at a frequency of 7, 83 Hz, that is, in the interval between the two frequencies, Alpha and Theta.

There are 4 of them in total: ALPHA, BETA, DELTA and THETA.

There are five groups of brain frequency waves linked to our mental activity:  
-Delta waves, from 0 to 4 Hz:
They are the slowest waves, but they are also the highest with respect to amplitude. They are generated when a person is in a deep sleep state, with no dreams, or in a deep state of meditation. These kinds of waves “suspend» exterior life and provide a deep feeling of peace. Some frequencies of these waves trigger the growth hormone production, which encourages healing and regeneration; thus, it is possible to understand why deep sleep is refreshing and essential for the healing process. In fact, the general principle tells us that the brain prevailing frequency is related to pulses per second: the more relaxed the person, the lower his/her pulses per second will be, and the more excited the person, the higher his/her pulses per second will be.  

– Theta waves from 4 to 8 Hz:
These particular waves are more frequently generated during sleep, in deep meditation states (body asleep and mind awaken); this allows the access to memories and to internal mental concentration. Under the influence of Theta waves, we are far away from the external world and more concentrated in our mental landscape. These waves are related to daydreaming. Meditation in Theta increases creativity and it decreases stress, it refines intuition and the skills of extra sensory perception.

– Alpha waves from 8 to 12 Hz:
They are present during sleep and meditation, light and with eyes wide shut. As more and more neurons participate in this frequency, Alpha waves start circulating through the whole cortex; they cause a relaxation state, but not a meditation state. With Alpha waves, we start to have access to the creative richness that is located under our awakened consciousness. It is the door that opens to deep awareness states. Such waves encourage global mental coordination, calmness, awareness and internal consciousness.  

– Beta waves from 12 to 40 Hz:
These waves correspond to our normal state, when attention is focused into cognitive tasks and the external world. Beta activity is quick and it is activated when we put ourselves in a state of alert or even get anxious, when we are implied in problem solutions, a decision-making process, information treatment, concentration or mental activity. For some researchers, (and the most recent studies follow this trend), 14 Hz Beta frequency would be the key of the cognition act.   

– Gamma waves from 40 to 80 Hz:
They modulate perception and consciousness (and they disappear under the effect of anesthesia); they are related to information treatment coming from different areas of the brain related to memory, learning skills, and so on.

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Indeed, the human being is a complex being, more electromagnetic than chemical (the same thing happens in the case of universe) and it is sensitive to natural electromagnetic fields and to the ones that are artificially generated. In life itself, all biological processes are a function of the interactions of the electromagnetic fields that make up the loop between the world of the forms and the Resonance Patterns; they store the configurations and the information models.

In his book « The Star Man », Yvon Combe states precisely that «The existence of our vital organs only depends on the thousands of millions of biochemical reactions that happen second after second.»

Long time ago, simple elements were transformed into organic molecules, endowed with life capacity and were equipped with polarized energy, of oriented rotary forces made up of sensitive immaterial fields that respond to the energy of thought.  

The human body is full of many other things that aren´t chemistry only…It is full also of magnetic and electrical energy that prevail over every other form of organized life, of the consciousness of being and the human thought, that were already there before his/her creation.   

The iso-electric low frequency field of the Earth, the terrestrial magnetic field and the electro-static field of our body are closely linked. Thus, our internal rhythms interact with the external ones and influence our balance, REM patterns, health and mental concentration. It would appear that SR waves regulate our internal clocks and they act on the Sleep/Dreams/Awakening/Hormonal Secretion patterns.

In fact, rhythms and pulses of the human brain are the reflex of those located in the terrestrial cavity that operates as a wave driver.

This terrestrial cavity is a “resonant” kind of cavity, formed by the Ionosphere/earth crust assembly that emits a 7, 5 cycle wave per second, that is, a 7,5 Hz frequency which is similar to the resonance frequency of mammals´ brain structures, where the human being is included. Similar confirmation is found in the ratio of energy, information and living beings.  

With respect to energy in living beings, current medicine extensively quotes sugars and it calculates everything in calories. We know that the yield (% of energy turned into work) of a steam machine cannot go beyond 30 %; the remaining 70 % would dissipate as heat; this would generate terrible disturbances in a live organ (besides oedema, hyperthermia and severe sweating), that would lead to death.  Consequently, living beings employ other energies, such as electricity and magnetism. Actually, each living being is crossed by electrical currents and it bathes in its own magnetic fields; they are analyzed in MBE (Kine-Bio-Energy  Medicine) whose father was C. LAVILLE.
Better still, all living organisms perform transmutations in low energy levels, that is, virtually with no heat release, as it was proved by KERVRAN in 1960.

Well then, these fusion reactions (Mn25+H1=Fe26) correspond to the hydrogen bomb from which we still don´t know how to control the release of energy and heat.  What is more, the  living matter vibrates in a different way compared to the inert matter and it generates its own specific magnetic fields.

For us the Earth is a living being; as it is the case for every living being, the most critical piece that provides life to it is the driver of its biological organization, the most subtle area, the less visible one: the atmosphere that surrounds it.
This is the protective space and the catalyst that provides the Earth with life by means of the ionizing particles of the Troposphere that are organized in energy fields of very high electrical potential. This particular electrical activity generates heat and cold, dryness/humidity, pressure/depression, storms and lightning. Lightning create an Electrical Network around the Earth that is necessary for sky/earth exchanges shaped like polarized electrical information. 

Pr. LEROY envisaged universe as «an enormous building formed by vibratory floors ». For Prof. TOURNAIRE « all corpuscles (electrons, protons, neutrons) are energy singularities». Likewise, physical and psychic worlds are solidary because they are made up of a similar essence. The same thing happens with the human being, whose psyche is the relative of the matter´s psyche; the psyche of the matter, mind and energy are the opposite and complementary sides of the same energy.

Koenig, a Schumann´s student, after recording SR signals, noticed the great similarity of the SR daylight signal with the Alpha rhythm and the 3Hz ultra long night SR wave with the Delta rhythm of sleep. This particular confirmation led Koenig to postulate that ELF brain waves have evolved to employ natural signals on their side.  

B. LOMETREE recorded two abnormal signals that are located into the Delta range: one in 0, 9 Hz and the other in 1, 82 Hz. Such energy waves are undoubtedly what we call ALFVEN waves, that is, micro-pulses in the magnetospheric plasma.

According to LOMETREE,  The atmosphere would be a favorable environment for signal mix; when 2 signals mix, an addition is obtained and the difference here is critical; these signals are generated at ultralow frequencies and they respond to certain acoustic laws. Thus, we are actually connected to our planet, and the Earth and our Body/Mind are in a harmonic relationship. The low frequency iso-electrical field of the Earth, the Earth electromagnetic field and the electrostatic field that come from our body are closely linked. Our internal rhythms interact with the external ones and influence our balance, REM patterns, our health and mental concentration.

It appears that SR waves regulate also our internal clocks and act on the Sleep/Dreams/Awakening/Hormonal Secretion patterns. In addition, rhythms and pulses of the human brain are the reflection of the ones coming from the terrestrial cavity that acts as a wave driver. Besides, these SR are fluctuating waves, such as brain waves.  All these electromagnetic relationships are too complex to be analyzed here, even in a summarized way. However, it is necessary to mention their role, because they affect our mental state, the general and cellular structure of our body, our sleep and dream cycles, our emotions and our mood.  

Everything leads us to believe that human health is linked to the geophysical parameters by the bias of SR, whose natural signals exert an influence on the evolution of brain waves pattern. Hence, electrical fields generated by modern techniques do influence our health, our psyche and they could be elements that tend to alter the human beings and life itself in our planet.

Measurement of Schumann´s Resonance.

In the case of ELF waves, for example,we have realized that such waves, of very weak power, do have an enormous impact on the human being; the same thing happens also with electromagnetic waves.

In fact, every live organism reacts to these signals known as waves: Delta waves (0 to 4 HZ), Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz), Alpha waves (7 to 12 Hz), Beta waves (12 to 25 Hz) and Gamma (25 to 60 Hz).

The brain reacts to the pulses of certain frequencies, to sounds from vibrations. The sound is measured in Hertz or cycles per second; each wave cycle corresponds to only one sound pulse. The human ear can receive waves from 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but not the very low frequencies, from which we only perceive their rhythms.
The frequencies of our brain waves show the kind of activity in which our brain is involved because the brain employs its own vibration range to communicate with the rest of our body. Such waves, classified according to their frequencies, and the predominant frequencies of our brain waves show the kind of activity in which our brain is engaged.