To go further

To go further

To discover and to watch

A channel dedicated to spiritual matters in the broadest sense of the term, to the practice of meditation and yoga. Resolutely devoted to Anthropology and to the history of ancient civilizations and to unresolved enigmas.  To discover.

BBC Earth

The British channel dedicated, as its name suggests, to the planet.  

National Geographic

More specific, it is aimed at the discovery of animal species, fauna and flora in a broader range.  

To read and browse

« Solid references are obtained first by reading books and by keeping some distance later. »

The truth of the others will not necessarily be yours !

Stand aside naturally and be tolerant. Once again, one opinion concerns only to whom is expressing it and to those who are ready to listen to it! Keep your mind open, free and light; these qualities are synonymous of good mental health, and guarantee of your integrity.  

Human beings as seen by anthropologists, writers, scientists, philosophers and mediums

Claude Lévi-Strauss

My master in thought. A moral and intellectual example; I can only strongly recommend him, because his work is extensive.

To read :
– Structural Anthropology. Plon Edition.
– The wild Thought. Agora Edition.
– To observe, to Listen, to Read. Plon Edition (to enjoy….).
– The other face of the Moon. Du Seuil Edition.
– The Jealous Potter. Plon Edition.

Matthieu Ricard

PhD. In Cellular Genetics; Tibetan Buddhist and Representative of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. A fundamentally good, moral and upright being; an example for each one of us.

To read :
– The Monk and the Philosopher. Pocket Edition.
– The Infinite in the Palm of your Hand.
– The Art of Meditation. Nil Edition.
– Promotion of Altruism. Du Nil Edition.
– Promotion of Animals. Allary Edition.

Maude Kristen

A bright woman, who contributes to prove and highlight aspects of phenomena related to precognition by means of her talks, colloquia, books and teachings.  

I had the pleasure to meet her and to listen to her. She has a great charisma and she has also devoted herself to the defense of animals.

To read :
– To finish with Madame Irma, subtle and clear, Calmann-Levy Ed.
– Daughter of the Stars, J’ai lu Edition.
– My life is the Invisible, (A masterpiece!!!), Aux Presses du Châtelet Edition.

Doctor Jean-Jacques Charbonnier

Medical anesthesiologist and French rescuer who validates the hypothesis of afterlife; the near death experience and the existence of a consciousness independent from the neuronal activity. He is also a Master Lecturer and a very connoted author.  
– Surpassed Coma, CLC Plein Soleil Edition.
– Afterlife exists, CLC Plein Soleil Edition.
– Scientific Proofs of Afterlife, Éxergues Edition.
– Medicine in front of Afterlife, Guy Trédaniel Edition.
– 7 Good Reasons to Believe in Afterlife, Guy Trédaniel Edition.

Yaguel Didier

She is a clairvoyant of generous heart; her work is resolutely devoted to the human being. Her books are just like her: in her own image and likeness: exciting!

To read :
– The Great clairvoyances of History: Their real destiny, intrigues, my favorite book! Plon Editions.
– In the Heart of Divination; Plon Editions.
– My Conversations with the Queen, Laffont Editions.
I highly recommend this book in particular :
– Yaguel Didier or the Memory of the Future: Questions about Mediumship, Laffont Editions. This particular book has Yaguel Didier´s personality.

« I met Yaguel many years ago now. She is a woman with a great heart, extremely human and she has always been an example for me. Over the years we became good friends. Each time that I have needed some information about a personal job I have contacted her. So far, she has always responded “present !»

Doctor Alexander Eben

Dr. Alexander Eben has been an academic neurosurgeon over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham and Women´s Hospital and at Harvard Medical School In Boston.

To read :
– Proof of Heaven
– The Map of Heaven
– The Evidence of Afterlife

The Vietnamese American astrophysicist and writer, Trinh Xuan Thuan

He studied Astrophysics in California and subsequently at Princeton University, where he got his PhD. A brilliant man, who stated the following: “When we disentangle the mysteries of the brain, at the same time we will discover how the universe was created. »

To read :
– The Chaos and the Harmony – Fayard
– The Infinity in the Palm of your Hand: From the Big-Bang to the Awakening. Nil Editions.
– Has the World created itself? Gallimard Editions.
– The Ways of the Light: Physics and Metaphysics of the  Chiaroscuro. Fayard Ed.