Struggles to fight

The planet and the ecosystem

There is a lot to say about our wonderful planet, that has sheltered us for thousands of years. First of all, let´s introduce the Earth !

The Earth is the third planet of our solar system. Its surface is 510 millions of square kilometers; its volume is 1083 cubic kilometers.  Its age: 4,6 billion years. Three quarters of the Earth are covered by seas and oceans distributed in several continents, corresponding to the emergent visible area.

The earth has its own natural barrier, the ionosphere. It is very active, especially to resist space manifestations and particularly solar eruptions.  

The blue planets is currently struggling for its survival .

Pollution generated by human beings, ecosystems destruction, species mistreatment and the annihilation of its natural habitats, overproduction, massive use of pesticides and chemical products, fishing overexploitation (that has led to ocean desertification, irreversible for a good number of species), condemn us to a very small scale. The clock is ticking, and it seems to lead humanity into a scheduled and inevitable end, confirming the point of view of the most alarmist and pessimistic people.

In spite of this, many people stand up and try to help. They are the creators, the researchers, the employees and volunteers of large private foundations and associations from all over the world. They are dedicated to the sole preservation of the fauna, the flora and the ecosystem.

The ecosystem in general

What is the relationship with a medium? Well, everything, absolutely everything is related!

A direct relationship! Why?
A medium is even much more concerned, because he/she feels everything in an exponential way; by definition, the medium is a hypersensitive being that only relaxes and regains strength by means of nature and the theoretical forces that emanate from it to afterwards perform a daily task of personal introspection.

« Necessarily spiritual, because he/she is a child that comes from the stars…his/ her head is sucked by the sky and his/her feet are rooted into the ground. »

The mediumship state consists also in feeling and experiencing what surrounds you and make it an integral part of yourself.   As I have already explained in the medical and scientific sections, a human being is linked to the ground. And he/she cannot intend to live without it.

He/she is biologically designed to perceive and to retransmit via his/her brain. To conclude, he/she must coexist in a peaceful way with the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms because he depends on them; their mission is to protect them.

The destiny of each one of us is absolutely interdependent from the choices and destinies of everybody else. Everything is connected in its whole. Fate is a very bad joke in a very bad movie!

« No people will experience a “temporary” state of happiness in anguish and in affliction. »