Reasons to make an appointment

It is -THE- proper question: Why to request a consultation?
There are thousands of reasons why a company manager or a private individual should have access to an authorized “advice”. It has been the case of numerous societies since humankind emerged. Nowadays, in certain places of the world, oracles, as they were called in former days, continue to work with the outmost discretion.  Whether someone asks himself or herself some questions or decides to make a point and analyze situations at a precise moment in time, or if there is a new project in mind and the person looks for advice, the answer will always be the same:
« The one who consults comes to look for or to retrieve information. »

Cases in which you SHOULD NOT!  see a medium.

If you feel you are impressionable, if you are still in a grieving process,

If you feel you are not able to keep your distance and to actively continue with your life. If you are looking for a psychiatrist and you would rather need a good therapy. If you are of the impatient type of personality and want that everything comes to you as you snap your fingers and in the blink of an eye. If you think that the medium practitioner is a magician and he/she can boost your wishes, it is simple:
Conversely, if you are «able to listen, to take notes, to manage the information as it is presented and you can consider it as it is – with some distance and discernment -.If you are endowed with analytical capacity and your character is benevolent and open, then you can book an appointment.

Prepare your session

To prepare your meeting with the practitioner it is necessary first to be open to the invisible. Contact the medium and discover him, starting from his universe and references. If these features correspond to your expectations and to your sensitivity, get the information to contact him.  

Before starting any session take a notebook with you; you will write down all the information you will receive; thus, you will get a careful account of everything.  

This information collection will be transformed into the foundations of a new adventure and it will turn into something very useful when you start receiving precognitions yourself. In these moments you will be able to locate yourself again with respect to your session.  

« After the Reading» Life goes on!

Once your appointment is over, you shall take your notes with you and keep all this information for you very carefully while you go on living your life in a normal and active way. Nothing never falls from heaven, or rather almost never – so it is important that you go on being the protagonist of your life and the owner of your destiny and go on walking your own way. Don´t expect anything! And let life be in charge. The information that was transferred to you has only one goal: help you to move forward, and never instruct you about what you are supposed to do!

To make an appointment with Troy

Appointment reservations are booked exclusively by mail,and to the following address only: and contacting directly Kate at the Secretariat.

Consultations last 1h15 and they are carried out in the following way:
Appointments can be made directly at the office; the practitioner can make an appointment for a private personal visit, and finally a video-conference can also be organized (Skype) to any country in the world.

Waiting times might be long, so please be patient!

«See you soon, until our roads cross some day! »