Skills of Clairvoyance

Skills of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience  

Could it be then that a zone of the brain is biologically different? Are these particular skills, usually called «gifts» specific predispositions linked to the individual, or in a more general term, to the human kingdom? Recent research work on neural epiphysis carried out by the researcher, neuro-psychiatrist and Master of Sciences Professor Felipe de Oliveira from Brazil, adds elements for a clear response that demonstrates a biological predisposition unquestionably established.

This endocrine gland varies in its constitution in patients that show these particular cerebral skills that are far away from the result of chance or a consequence of a gift acquired in an unknown way.

The epiphysis is conceived in a different way in each individual. The so-called precognition phenomena are by far the most interesting ones.

The clairvoyant, immersed into an altered consciousness state, decreases the threshold of his brain waves and in that moment, it «disengages» and it is ready to receive visual or auditive information.

The ensemble of the encephalic zones will proceed next to the decryption of this information.  The practitioner in charge will have then access to the individual information library of the consulting subject. This is the way the session is started.

John P. Rose, from Oxford University, states that « the human being is biological, psychological and spiritual. »