Who I am

Who am I ?

From early childhood, I’ve been the witness of particular sensations phenomena. Adolescent Adolescent and without serious references, it was impossible for me to explain them.
As you can imagine, it was not the easy.

Therefore, I have learned a lot and studied in order to find coherent answers that can help me to understand these phenomena.
I am cartesian, and, like St. Thomas, I believe, only what I see!

Briefly :
These different cerebral capacities are thus expressed quite early, in subjects who – like myself – present these particular dispositions.

schematically :
Some are made for endurance sports such as running or swimming, others have advanced intellectual predispositions.
Some count, memorize, analyze with disconcerting facilities.

There are for me, natural and innate predispositions.

Interviw with Lena Loyd