My struggles



There is a lot to say about our planet; it has sheltered us for thousands of years.
The earth is the third planet of our solar system. Earth surface is 510 millions of square kilometers.
Its volume is 1083 cubic kilometers. Its age is 4, 6 billion years.

The blue planet struggles for its survival day after day, year after year. As I have already tried to explain to you previously, the earth has its own natural barrier, the ionosphere. It is very active, especially to resist against space manifestations and particularly to be able to resist solar eruptions.

The clock is ticking and it seems to lead humanity into a scheduled end. However, many people are rising to the challenge and trying to assist as much living beings as possible.

In your opinion, what would be the relationship with a medium?
Well, in my opinion it is something really simple, that is, the medium can assist his fellow men, guide them into the future, calm and relaxed – and he can fully contribute to changes.
The ones that consult become aware of their way during a second time in a wider spectrum concerning their life places and also their environment, where their well-being depends on.

The destiny of each individual is linked to his/her neighbor´s.

At present, the clairvoyant should participate in the development of a caring and shining chain of awakening which is able to interact over the collective unconsciousness; thus, he/she will contribute to assist as many people as possible to indirectly help our planet.
Such practices might strongly contribute to influence awareness in a positive and committed way for the bell-being of all species living on Earth.