Tools for my Practice

What is a Tool? How does it work ?

Tools for clairvoyants operate as prisms, kind of mirrors over the unconsciousness and the world of the invisible. They can take different shapes. Basically, the tarot game is organized around Major and Minor Arcana. Each practitioner has his/her own personal preferences according to his/her sensations and sensitivity. The playing cards is not essential, because a good practitioner in theory doesn´t need any kind of tool for work.

Tarot games

My preferences go to colored, bright and accurate cards. They encourage or induce an intuitive trance state.

My favorite ones are…

The Tarot of Eden, magnificently designed by Alika Lindbergh for Maud Kristen
The Belline´s Oracle,
The Divinatory Game, edited for Yaguel Didier by Marina Karella.

As time goes by, between the medium and his/her tools a very particular relationships is generated, based on affection.

Minerals: Catalysts or simple rocks?

For many people minerals are only common rocks, but for geologists (and for me, also) they are something absolutely different…

Each mineral has an atomic chain that is unique for it.
All have been identified and classified into different families. A mineral is a substance naturally generated, generally of inorganic type (minerals are very rarely organic, such as coral, for example).
A mineral is characterized by a chemical formulation, as well as by a crystalline structure, that is, it is shaped by the nature of the atoms that generate it and its layout in space respectively. Mineralogy concentrates the various study approaches of minerals with respect to these particular theoretical bases.

Properties of Minerals:

Several properties and methods are considered to characterize a mineral.
To study one in particular, the mineralogist will base himself especially on the following aspects:

Its crystalline structure in a solid state, its chemical composition, its mechanical properties: (density or volumetric weight, hardness, divisions, rupture, touch).

Its optical properties : color, trace, luster, transparency, its refraction index and the interferential analysis with the help of X rays.

Bonds among atoms, they can be covalent, ionic, metallic, of Van der Waals…

Its chemical properties, especially photoluminescence, reactivity in contact with acid, its coloring after passing through a flame.

Its phase,or rather, its state (solid, liquid or gaseous.)
Its solubility (in the water and in acids)

To finish,
Its electrical and thermal properties

Minerals Nomenclature:

Modern nomenclature was imposed in the mainstream of the nineteenth century.
The assigned name reassembles, then, several reasons: a characteristic property (magnetite, for example), the name of the dominant chemical element (calcite, for example), the name of a wise man (dolomite, for example, dedicated to Déodat de Dolomieu), its color and its location.

Currently, the IMA (International Association of Mineralogy) is trying in its mission to standardize the definition of mineral species.

But, how do minerals react?

The Law of Analogy:

Chinese medicine, homeopathy, as well as lithotherapy exploit analogy.
Each mineral according to its vibrating frequency (color) is related to an energetic center designed by vibrating analogy. For example, all red and black color minerals are related to the root chakra.

The human body is in its whole, (physical and subtle levels) a receiver and a resonator (emitter receiver…). By means of a process of vibrating agreement that requires active participation on the part of the individual,the crystal starts vibrating in resonance with the treated chakra. If the center is disturbed, the crystal can balance its performance.
In the human body (as well as in other animal species!) each organ and tissue have their own vibration.. It is a sort of personal energy card.
When the balance is disturbed or modified, the body reacts; in this moment it declares its illness and becomes dysfunctional.
Lithotherapy employs the laws of energetic resonance to synchronize the vibration of a disturbed organ, tissue or system with the minerals that correspond to their vibrating personality. .

What minerals should be chosen and how are they used?

Rocks are beautiful, they are very much alive and if this were not enough, they talk to us…

To take advantage of their benefits, it is necessary to see things through their eyes. Therapy assisted by minerals is based on a physical and intuitive sensation. Many books recommend their use, particularly at the level of related meridians (chakras).
Lithotherapy and meditation belong together.

During meditations, readings and therapy, minerals give the maximum of their benefits.
Every mineral must be cleaned (purified) after its use; the amethyst in the shape of a geode is currently employed. The soil is also very much employed, simply, as well as clay powder, or for the quartz family, sea salt is very much used.

Mental visualization allows the transmission of an accurate intention to the stone which is being employed in such a way that it will become a specialized tool. The universe places in stones what we are transmitting in our prayers…With a systematic work and a follow-up procedure we will get the best results.

Stones are also positive in our environment
Is there someone that has never listened about negative waves of mobile phones or the microwave oven?
Pink quartz in resting or sleeping places will help you fall asleep and they will favor your affective environment.
Black tourmaline located close to computers or an electrical counter will neutralize their effects, or in any case, it will mitigate them. I prefer large rough blocks.
Mass is also relevant.

Mysticism and Public Health:

Lithotherapy is a holistic approach for health care. . . This means that the human being is considered as a whole. The ancient civilizations left traces of such practices and procedures. Body care was accompanied by soul and mind care, too. When the time of the French Renaissance period arrived, the soul was separated from the body.

« Health is not just an issue related to medicine, but it is also linked to life hygiene….  » Francis LIZION Ed Mozaique, 1999

Any possible practice of lithotherapy, or any other approach, or particular procedure will NEVER replace a diagnosis or a medical treatment prescribed by a health professional!

Example of some minerals:


quartzThe very interesting case of …Quartz :
Chemical composition :
Si02. It is classified as an oxide; its system is crystalline and rhombohedral.
The colorless variety is called rock crystal. The silicon oxide that defines it is one of the basics of our soil and of our molecular structure. Quartz is a receiver, an emitter, a transformer and a catalyst, all at once!
Its applications and implications are of multiple type. It is recommended to use it generally in combination with other minerals, because it empowers the other ones ! I personally employ it in a rough block or in a spherical shape. It is perfect for the practice of meditation and divination work.


auralite23L’auralite_ 23 :
The survivor…
These crystals are dated around 1, 2 billion years.
Crystal A23 contains at least 17 stones and 23 elements of chemical classification classified in Mendeleïev´s Table,, which looks rather improbable, but it is true.
It is said to have relevant energetic properties such as re-organization and purification of energetic meridians. Guidance and spiritual evolution …It has a reputation for comforting and relieving in moments of distress related to affection;


jadeNephrite or New Zealand Jade:
It has been exploited for hundreds of years in New Zealand and it is venerated by the Maories,
« Pounamous » accompany and protect human beings… Jade´s chemical composition is different whether it comes from British Columbia (North America) or from China. Depending from the layer from which it is extracted, its nature (coloring, density, inclusion) changes.

It may be black, translucent, green apple color, milky and opaque, or it may show red or ashen inclusions. These last ones are partly due to iron oxidation.
Its chemical composition is variable, but it mainly includes magnesium silicate, calcium, iron and it can also contain magnetite . (depending on the mineral deposits and the geological location).
Sculptor masters work with this particular mineral in different ways; symbolism is rich in meaning.

Jade is a noble Totem Stone, mainly employed for protection and health care.

Volcanic stone that is close to glass. It is generated due to a brutal cooling of magma. It is rich in silica, it comes from the depths of the terrestrial mantle and from magma pockets in fusion processes.
This particular stone has been employed ever since time began especially by native people from South America (Guatemala) Aztecs and Mayas, in their rites related to occultism.
Obsidian would have the capacity to transmute « the night into light».
It is linked to spiritual aspects and it rejects negative vibes.
It is appropriate for introspection and questioning. There are several types of Obsidians: : the silvered one, the snowflake, or the very media interest light-blue eye, with iridescent and concentric circles and violet-shaded rims.It is certainly one of the most fascinating and effective stones and this is a non-exhaustive listing…..