Books I would recommand

To read :

We can have an opinion after getting solid references. Solid references are obtained first by reading books, then by keeping some distance from them and finally by the verification of the information.

The truth of the other not necessarily will be yours; stand aside naturally from everyone who is too self-confident and from irrelevant or superficial references (or even non-existent ones).
These people generally support smoking theories that come from their imagination to convince you about anything and be able to manipulate you better or to drag you to their thought pattern –this attitude reassures them. They are easily recognized and they employ the emotional side or threats to become indispensable.
It is well known that cemeteries are full of people who thought themselves indispensable! – Whatever their social status may be – once again, an opinion only compromises the person who expresses himself/herself and the ones who are ready to listen him/her.
Thus, remain in the background and in any case, keep your mind free and open.

Human beings seen by anthropologists, writers, philosophers, medical doctors and Mediums:

Claude Lévi-Strauss

My master in thought and a moral and intellectual example. I can only give an advise, because his work is extensive. To read:

– Structural Anthropology. Plon Edition.
– The Wild Thought. Agora Edition.
– To Observe, to Listen, to Read. Plon Edition (to taste…).
– The Other Face of the Moon. Edition du Seuil.
– The Jealous Pottery Woman. Plon Edition

Matthieu Ricard

PhD in Cellular Genetics, Tibetan Buddhist and Representative of His Holiness, The Dalai-Lama.
A human being full of integrity that is intrinsically good, an example for everybody.

– The Monk and the Philosopher, Pocket Editions.
– The Infinity in the Palm of Your Hand.
– The Art of Meditation. Nil Edition.
– Promotion of Altruism Nil Edition.
– Promotion of Animals Allary Editions.

Maude Kristen

A woman who is intellectually bright; due to her work, conferences, books and teaching she has contributed to prove and to highlight aspects of phenomena related to precognition.
I had the pleasure of meeting her and to listen to her. She has a great charisma and she has also devoted herself to the defense of animals.

– To Finish with Madame Irma, Subtle and Clear, at Calmann-Levy.
– Daughter of the Stars, J’ai lu Edition.
– My Life is invisible (from the Master´s Hand!!!!) Aux presses du Châtelet Edition

Docteur Jean-Jacques Charbonnier

Medical Anesthesiologist and French rescuer; he validates the hypothesis of post-mortem life.
The Near Death Experience and the existence of the consciousness independent from neuronal activity. Master Conference.

– Surpassed Coma, CLC plein soleil.
– Post-Life Does Exist, CLC plein soleil.
– Scientific Proofs for Post-Life, Exergues Editions.
– Medicine facing the Afterlife. Guy Trédaniel Edition.
– 7 Good Reasons to believe in Afterlife. Guy Trédaniel Editions.

Yaguel Didier

She is a Clairvoyant of generous heart; her work is resolutely devoted to the human being.
Her books are just like her image: thrilling books! To read:

– The Great Clairvoyances of History: Their real Destiny, Intrigues, my favorite! Plon Edition.
– In the Heart of Divination; Plon Edition.
– My Conversations with the Queen. Laffont Edition

I highly recommend this book in particular:
Yaguel Didier or the Memory of the Future: Questions About Mediumnity. Laffont Edition
édition Laffont.

This book has Yaguel Didier´s personality. I have known her for several years now, she is a woman with a great heart, very human, and she has always been an example for me. Over the years, we have become good friends. Each time that I need information about a personal work I contact her. So far, she has always said “yes”!