Mediumnity and spirituality

Mediumnity and its relationship with the sacred.

I perceive the world through the prism of mediumnity; it includes death and living beings at a time, and the places that unite both of them.
Mediumnity is a privileged bond with the sacred and from this fact it should be managed as gently as possible.

In my daily practices and rites, meditation is one of the basic essentials.

Meditation Practice


For me, meditation brings peace, calmness and comfort. Meditation is the essential prerequisite for any good practice and proper spiritual work.
You will probably ask why? Well, for several reasons.

The first reason and certainly one of the most important ones is the rooting.

Take a refuge! The rooting related work first of all makes possible a particular reconnection of the individual with the land. One of the most employed techniques, and also one of the most comfortable is certainly the respiratory exercise. To focus one´s attention on our breathing and its consequences, to visualize its action. Rediscover calmness, go back to focus on oneself.

The second reason, appeasement and rediscovery of calmness

In all urban environments such as ours, big cities (and here I think of all the megalopolis that I have discovered throughout the world) are far from being propitious for meditation and its benefits. To know how to meditate properly means to know how to breathe better and to know how to relax in an effective manner to prevent external aggressions such as noise.

The third reason, the channeling.

To focus one´s attention on breathing or on an object visualization helps clearing one´s mind. Many current studies show the surprising activation of certain brain areas. In regular practitioners (30 minutes per day as average) improvements in the brain area related to self-regulation: anterior cingulate cortex have been noted.
This particular practice would improve humor, stress and it would also optimize self-control.

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (USA) recently showed a change in the functioning of the amygdala, an area of the brain which is directly involved in the control of emotions, and more specifically in the area related to fear, aversion and anxiety.

Close links with Buddhism

image-1807518_1920Buddhism and spirituality or the internal adventure…
The reality of suffering is the basis of Buddha´s teaching.
This particular way of considering life can be useful to contribute to our understanding and to our altruism towards people that experience painful life episodes.