Science and its relationship with Mediumnity

For a long time science has been concerned with certain phenomena such as mediumnity or near-death experiences to a more or less satisfactory extent, facing incomprehension and discomfort. Several recognized practitioners have experienced these issues, located in the border of science, and they have tried to provide with answers and to reflect in scientific terms upon questions that seem to be absolutely irrational, particularly through studies carried out in the brain.

Science and Mediumnity

Tools for my Practice

For clairvoyants tools operate as prisms, kind of mirrors in the unconsciousness and the world of the invisible. They can take different forms. Basically, the Tarot game is linked around its major and minor Arcana. Each practitioner has his/her own preferences according to his/her own sensations and sensitivity. The card game is not essential, because a good practitioner in theory would not need any device to be able to perform his task.

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Links between Mediumnity and Spirituality

In my daily practices and rites meditation is one of the essentials.
Meditation can provide peace, calm and comfort to each one of us. Meditation is the previous requirement for any good practice and spiritual work.

Links between spirituality and Mediumnity

Bibliography and Suggestions

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